Assistance in obtaining Government GSA Contract Award.  Your products or services are something the General Services Administration (GSA) buys!

- The General Services Administration is the business manager and purchasing agent for the world's largest customer - the U.S. Government.

- Tens of billions of dollars in government contracts go to businesses like yours each year.

- Once pre-approved, you can sell directly to the US Government without competitive bidding.

- Businesses who are Veteran Owned, Disable-Veteran Owned, Minority Owned and Women Owned Small Business are given preference under the billions of dollars in GSA Contract Sales each year.

The process of becoming an approved vendor (obtaining a GSA Government contract award) can be cumbersome. That's where GSA - Small Business Assistance (GSA-SBA) can help!  GSA-SBA specializes in small  business, but we do provide services to both large and small business.

Government GSA Pricing: GSA-SBA services help small businesses like yours become a GSA approved vendor.  GSA-SBA services help small businesses like yours obtain a government GSA contract. GSA-SBA has a basic price for up to 100 products and/or 10 services (labor rates) for a small business and a large business. There may be a premium for more complex submittals over 50 products and/or 10 services.

Government GSA Award Guarantee:  GSA-SBA does provides a free screen to ensure your company qualifies. If you qualify GSA-SBA gives a GSA contract award guarantee, provided the client fulfills their requirements for award.  Examples of client requirements include; full GSA required information disclosures and responsiveness to GSA clarification requests.  

Government GSA Post Award Services:  GSA-SBA provides post award assistance like completing a required upload of your information to GSA Advantage ( 

Examples of Our GSA Service Areas: GSA-SBA provides assistance under most types of Government GSA Multiple Award Schedule (MAS) Contracts. The following is a list of some of the key contract areas GSA-SBA provides:

  1. Government GSA Information Technology contracts (computer hardware contracts, computer software contracts, IT professional service contracts, computer peripheral contracts, training contracts and all other IT related contracts),  GSA Schedule 70 Contracts
  2. Government GSA Environmental contracts, GSA Schedule 899 Contracts
  3. Government GSA Homeland Security contracts, Total Solutions for Law Enforcement, Security, Facilities Management, Fire, Rescue, Clothing, Marine Craft and Emergency/Disaster Response - Marine Craft and Equipment, GSA Schedule 84 contracts
  4. Government GSA AIMS contracts, Advertising & Integrated Marketing Solutions GSA Schedule 541 Contracts 
  5. Government GSA Buildings and Building Materials/Industrial Services and Supplies Contracts, GSA Schedule 56 Contracts
  6. Government GSA Medical Equipment and Supplies contracts, GSA Schedule 65IIA Contracts
  7. Government GSA Document Imaging and Solutions contracts, GSA Schedule 36 Contracts

  8. Government GSA Trophies, Awards Promotional Products, Recreational Products, Brief Cases, Trade Show and Exhibit Displays, Signs and related products, GSA Schedule 78 Contracts

...... and many other schedule area.  Click here for information on additional Government GSA Schedule opportunities. provides General Services Administration - GSA contract  services, GSA IT Schedule 70 contract services, assistance with GSA schedules and more. is geared for small businesses at affordable prices.

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